Tuesday, 16 April 2013


A reminder that I expected to see your assignments by end of day today (Tuesday) - this includes the actual assignments & also your attempts at the past paper questions.

Can you make sure you see me tomorrow (Wednesday) by the end of school with all your papers....


Thursday, 28 March 2013

Easter Revision

You've got 6 papers to have a go at over Easter....

Try to (for each exam paper)

1) Attempt the exam paper in exam conditions (no books, access to mymaths etc)

2) Mark what you've done using the markscheme

3) Try and fill in any gaps - use mymaths, mei, textbooks, email or comment for advice

A reminder that my email address is sgilbert@thecooperschool.co.uk

I'd like to see your papers on Monday/Tuesday of the first week back after Easter. Hope you all have a good Easter break.

Friday, 18 January 2013

Updates on possible work to do....

Y12 - Statistics work - work through tree diagram questions (on page 30) and read through the opening paragraphs of the chapter to revise ideas.

As well as any work that your teachers set you - this is some advice about what to focus on today!

Y12 - you will have a mock exam based on Core 1 at the end of January, so you should use today to ensure that you understand the topics coming up in Core 1 - look in your textbook or on mymaths for help.

Y13 - revise, revise, revise for Core 3 on Wednesday. Any questions let us know & we can try to help.

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Reminders about the assignment

Remember that all Y12s and Y13s have a maths assignment due in this week.

Y12s - you must complete the past paper questions (and gain at least 70%!), complete the differentiation questions, the mymaths work on sequences, and get at least 8 greens on core 1/core 2/ stats 1 topics of your choice.

Y13s - you must complete the core 4 questions on partial fractions & trigonometry. And remembering to revise for core 3 - remember you've got mymaths & mei resources to use.

Further Maths Y12s - revising for D1 - use mei & mymaths to help.

Further Maths Y13s - revising for S2 - use mei & mymaths to help - some of the topics like Poisson & Normal distributions are started on mymaths - you will need to continue to work through the past papers.

Any questions let me know....

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Year 12 Independent Study check...

On Monday, I'll be asking you to sign up for a time to come and see me later on in the week for 5 - 10 mins each. It will be either during a free lesson, or lunchtime or at break. I'll be wanting to see your maths folder & evidence of your independent study.

I'll put a copy of my timetable in my room, with the times that you can sign up.

Hope you all have a good weekend,

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Topics to look over....

These are the topics you've looked at this first half term:

Equations of lines - parallel, perpendicular.
Finding the distance between 2 points, finding the midpoint of a line
Manipulating algebraic expressions & algebraic fractions
Rearranging formula
Solving simultaneous equations
Solving quadratics - completing the square, formula, graphically, factorising
Intersecting curves

Surds & rationalising the denominator
Stem-and-leaf diagrams
Averages & frequency distributions & grouped data
Standard deviation
Linear coding

The test will be in the first week back and I'll be checking independent study work in your folder as well as looking at any mymaths records & mei logins.

Have a good half-term! Any questions let me know: sgilbert@thecooperschool.co.uk

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Year 12 Assignment 1

Hi all,

I'd like you to fill in the information from your first assignment on the form
Year 12 Assignment 1 feedback

You must make sure you can do your corrections - and you should be responsible for making sure you understand the questions.

Use mymaths or the MEI resources to help. You can ask in the maths surgery, or come and find one of us to have a look at your corrections.

Any questions, let me know.